Our story

Cloud Cooperative is a multipurpose cooperative society gone digital, we are committed to improving individual savings and investment habits.

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We are run by and for people to provide affordable finance to our members

Cloud Cooperative is here to inject saving habits to the current system by creating easy and fair saving plans that would be favorable to our customers.

Saving would not just be made easy but borrowing loans would become way easier than you can imagine.

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Cloud Cooperative was established to avail young professionals, entrepreneurs and SME Owners access to a stream of private funds that would serve as source of credit and investment opportunities even in an unstable economic environment.

At your comfort zones, Cloud Cooperative would grant you access to loans with fair interest rates! We want to ease the burden of having to go through traditional banks to access loans.

We are targeted at reaching entrepreneurs or individuals who are keen on reaching their personal, economic, academic and social goals through a jointly shared contributions-based scheme.

Cloud Cooperative is licensed and regulated by the Lagos State Government under the Cooperative Societies Act (2013) as amended.

Cloud Cooperative is also registered certified and regulated by the Lagos State Government.