Beginner’s Guide to Saving Money Monthly

saving money digitally

Saving money becomes a habit when it’s done consistently. Come to think of it, when you save, some things do not meet you unaware, especially when you can access your safe online. If you have to make a quick payment and there is no cash left with you, your online safe is where you can easily turn to!

What does it mean to save?

Saving money is a simply a process of stacking money in a safe account for future plans and goals. To save, one must first have a goal to achieve. When you understand the need to reach your financial goals, lowering your spending and removing some products from your checkout bag wouldn’t seem very difficult.

How to start saving

You can use your phone for almost everything, including to save money! At Cloud Cooperative, we have made the quick save section for members who are interested in saving in order to achieve their financial goals. To start saving, map out a budget every month, know how much goes into monthly purchase and how much is left to spare. Calculate the spare amount and leave out extra money for urgent expenses. Then, you can start saving!

For example, you earn ₦60,000 monthly and your net monthly expenses costs ₦30,000, you can leave out extra ₦10,000 naira for urgent expenses and save the remaining ₦20,000. Very simple, isn’t it? If you still feel so reluctant to save then calculate how much you would have in your savings account if you save ₦20,000 for two years…that’s ₦480,000.

Why do you need to save with us?

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How you look when you are reaching your financial goal

Saving is fun but earning money at the same time is way better! Thinking of having hundreds of naira in your savings accounts and having bonuses you earned through referrals is very fantastic! At Cloud Cooperative, members can earn referral bonuses; for every member you invite, you get ₦1,000 richer! Login to your dashboard, copy your referral link and start inviting your friends.

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