Benefits of Joining Cloud Cooperative

Cloud Cooperative benefits

Cloud Cooperative operates like the traditional cooperative society. But this time, it is digital!

Oluwaseun Bamiro (Founder/Group Head)

Since the inception of this cooperative society, many people have wanted to know why Cloud Cooperative seems very certain of it’s position in the economy. Irrespective of the brain box behind an organization, an organization that does not satisfy it’s customers cannot be successful.

Currently, there are 5 top benefits of joining Cloud Cooperative. These benefits include:

Making Quick Savings

Saving in your bank account can be difficult due to the nature of inflation and human wants in the society. We are instilling saving habits into our members to ensure that they live by their budgets and attain financial freedom through the quick savings section. In the quick savings section, you can save anytime, anyday and anywhere as long as you are a registered member of our cooperative society!

Transparency of funds

Did you know that you can monitor your transactions on your dashboard? Transparency is very key in business, which is why we have made it possible for our members to access their transaction history and download it for future reference. This would assure our members of safe transactions. If you find anything odd in your transaction history, please contact the customer support.

Earning Referral Bonuses

Our members receive enticing bonuses as well. When you refer a member, you automatically get rewarded with 1,000 naira which is withdrawable! Try it and see! To refer, you must have completed your registration. After registration, you would be directed to your dashboard where you can copy and share your unique referral link with your friends and family.

Receiving Dividends

Making monthly contributions is not for fun! Depending on your contributions, members are liable to receive dividends at the end of every financial year. Join us today and start making monthly contributions!

Access to loans at low interest rates

To access loans, you must have registered with us and saved for six months consecutively. A cooperative society operates by guiding principles of which Cloud Cooperative must abide by.

Therefore, in order to get access to all loan types at low interest rates, join us and start saving. After saving for six months consecutively, you can access up to 200% of your total savings as loan.

Cloud Cooperative isn’t stopping at these, the cooperative society is set to roll in more benefits for it’s members. Register today!

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