Cloud Cooperative Launch- The Future Of The Fintech Industry

Cloud Cooperative was officially launched on November 17, 2021. This event was held at Sun Heaven Hotel at ikoyi featuring notable guests like Adeshina Adewumi – One Kiosk Inc, Abiola Salami World – Class Performance Strategist, Abiodun Animashaun – Chipper Cash/GoKada), different activities like red carpet reception, video displays of the product and a Question and Answer session was also held too just to mention a few, discussions were also held like on topics of financial funding for business growth and financial need and expectations of a young parent that uses the services of a cooperative society.
The concept of cloud cooperative is a venture by Seun Bamiro, who happens to be the founder. Following up on the very successful launch of an online platform that’s aimed at helping young adults achieve their goals and succeed in life by having financial discipline, he decided to expand the concept of cooperative societies by introducing the first-ever online Cooperative Society. This service will be available both in Nigerian and international markets.
We’ll be taking a closer look at how cloud cooperatives work in our next post, what it means for the members, and how they can harness its potential to make money.
The newly launched brand, Cloud Co-operative is a brand that’s been envisioned to be an online-based mobile and web platform that provides solutions to people in various countries on their finance
The company is set to provide solutions to individuals, the financial world, and the government alike. This is done with an aim at eradicating the usual difficulties faced by people when they want to access financial services and products.

The host on the red carpet reception interviewed all the dignitaries but there were striking statements from Abiola Salami World-class Performance Strategist and Abiodun Animashaun – Chipper Cash/GoKada).
Abiola Salami a World-class performance strategist who is popularly known as Abiola Champ said cloud cooperative as being an ageless principle brought into an innovation age to bring about financial discipline and provision of funds for every class of individuals from young parents to businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals in different fields e.t.c
Abiodun Animashaun a co-founder in Go-Kada in 2019 and a country director in Chipper Cash in Nigeria currently, who is also a tech enthusiast says cloud cooperative will revolutionize how traditional cooperatives are being done using tech.
The launch of Cloud Cooperative has come at a great time for people who want to express themselves through their creative talents but aren’t looking for the responsibility that comes with starting your own business.
It has been a pleasure to work on this project and I’m very happy with the outcome. The team has put in their share of hard work and effort, from beginning to end.
It’s hard to find something like this in the fintech space and we want to be able to bring our community closer together through that shared belief in entrepreneurship and support of small businesses.
The whole event was tremendous and probably one of the best events for a startup I have seen in a long time. Everyone was in a cheerful mood and was very friendly to each other. It was amazing to see so much attention paid to such a great group of people who worked with everything they got on this project they were all very creative to bring such an amazing idea into reality. As we further progress it is possible to see how cloud cooperative could be a major player in the market of fintech space.

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