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Cooperative societies dates back to the 20’s, the times of yam plantations and palm wine tapping with each ethnic having their own variation and name.

Among the Igbos, it’s called ESUSU, the Hausas call it ADASHI and the popularly known AJO among the Yorubas a.k.a OWO ALAJESEKU which loosely translates to the remaining part of one’s income that is saved after eating. It’s an association of people who voluntarily come together to pool resources for their welfare, economic, social and cultural improvement.

We’ve taken that idea digital and included more benefits as the world is evolving and we must evolve with times. We are proud to present our brand Cloud Cooperative, as we invite you to our OFFICIAL LAUNCH.

A brand for young professionals, entrepreneurs, SME Owners and anyone seeking to create and protect wealth through an easy, reliable, and digitized platform even in an unstable economic environment.

We at Cloud Cooperative are committed to improving individual savings habits. So, we are bringing e-cooperative to you where you are. This year, we plan to help you attain financial freedom by further optimizing our services through digital platforms; to guarantee your convenience and safer transactions.

Some of the benefits include access to loans with fair interest rates, dividends at the end of every financial year, and transparency. You will have first-hand knowledge of your transactions, helping you plan towards a goal; to pay off a debt, grow an emergency fund, or make a big-ticket purchase.

This also means – You can pay bills, save, and make transfers all in one place when you become a member.

Please note that this is a hybrid event and you can attend either physically or virtually.

Click here to go to register for the In-person event.

Click here to go to register for the virtual event.

Written By: Aiyeleso Toluwanimi

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