The event occurred virtually on the 29th of August from 5 pm to7 pm and we had over 50 people who joined from every part of the world, it started with opening prayers from our host lady Gwen, then the chairman gave the opening speech on behalf of the vice-chairman

The first speaker (Dr okundare Ayobami a senior lecturer in Olabisi Onabanjo University) emerged and he spoke on savings, loans, and dividend
The second speaker (Taofik Oladipupo Odukoya CEO, Vanguard Pharmacy) came on board and spoke about the way cooperative societies work

The l guest speaker (Isaac Balami, CEO 7Star Global Airline and Hangar) spoke about his life story and how cooperative societies contributed to the level he is now
The convener came and made a presentation to show the difference between commercial bank’s loans and cooperative society’s loans and he was doing this to achieve a purpose and to say that cooperative society are better off in giving loans making reference to the rate, the time range within which the loans are gotten
Member’s reviews were taken the whole speakers were asked questions and one common question was the fact that people asked if these businessmen have been using cooperative societies to get to the level they are at now and another striking question is the fact that the convener was asked if someone who is on a loan can guarantee another person who took a loan
Questions were taken generally and answers were given too, members spoke from all around the world on how they have benefited from cloud cooperative, and a closing remark was done by the vice-chairman of the executive committee

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