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It’s no longer news that the year is running to an end and in less than two months we’ll be saying goodbye to this year and ushering a new one in.

The financial goals you set at the start of the year, remember those goals you set alongside with your yearly resolution? yeah exactly! that one, let’s talk about it real quick.

How far have you progressed? are you halfway there? have you achieved them? or you’re still at 0% a.k.a kashamadupe gang.

Financial goals are specific monetary amounts you’re committed to obtaining either by earning or saving. They could be short, mid or long-term goals. A good financial goal should be SMART






Take out time to check and review if your goals are SMART. Is it specific? Is it measurable? Is it attainable? Is it realistic? Is it bound to a time frame?

See where you got it right and keep going, see where you got it wrong and fix up.

We can help you to reach your goals, save with us at Cloud Cooperative today. We believe in your vision and we’re rooting for you.

Written By: Aiyeleso Toluwanimi

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9 Responses on this post

  1. My goals aren’t smart but I’m definitely working towards making sure I attain a lot of them by the end if the year. Next year, we go again, I’ll make conscious efforts towards doing better.

  2. Didn’t set any financial goal this year. Me I just wanted to be alive and improve life within myself. So yes, still kashamadupe and fr, we have to give thanks o. The year has not ended sha. Expecting something hooge. If I don’t make more money this year, next year, I’m entering with more intentionality in my finances.

  3. Saving is not easy at all ooo. But I’m working towards saving diligently, whether or not it’s favourable at the time.

  4. I’m half way into achieving my goals. This is really insightful I’ve never really looked at it from this perspective I just save small spend big and go on with life