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Cooperative societies are majorly found in the western part of Africa for several purposes which are based on some values which include democracy, solidarity, assistance and equity. Membership into a cooperative society is usually voluntary provided that the members agree with the given terms and conditions.

Cooperative societies are of different types, there are famers, marketing, credit, housing, consumer and producer cooperative societies. Each of them has their peculiar roles they play in the society. Members have to locate the cooperative societies that suits their best interest and join them.

About Cloud Cooperative

Cloud Cooperative is an e-cooperative society with tons of benefits which include helping members improve their saving culture, granting members express access to loans, creating employment and building small businesses and enterprises and so on. If a cooperative society does not benefit the members, then it is not a cooperative society.

To know the validity of a cooperative society, you need to verify if such society is registered and licensed by the government. This would guarantee you financial safety and the safety of any transactions whatsoever. The terms and conditions also show the necessary information the cooperative society curtails; from there, one can easily test the validity of such body.

Cloud Cooperative is licensed by Lagos State Government under the Cooperative Societies Act (2013). This body enforces the principle of coordinating entrepreneurs and professionals in gathering tons of funds that could serve as source of loan facilities. All members have the assurance of safe transactions and high returns on investments.

How to become a member

  • You must be a Nigerian above 18 years,
  • Register on the WebApp,
  • Activate your account via the activation link sent to your email,
  • Pick a Monthly Saving Category,
  • Save consistently for 6 months,
  • Viola! You have access to double of your total savings as loan with low interest rate.

Join Cloud Cooperative and get access to various kinds of loans which would be beneficial for you and those around you!

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