How to access loans as a member of Cloud Cooperative

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We have received numerous calls and messages from entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to access loans.

This article would guide you on the necessary procedures you need to take.

Cloud Cooperative runs like the traditional cooperative society. In a cooperative society, members save for six months consecutively before they can access loans at low interest rate.

Usually, members are only required to provide guarantors who are also members of the cooperative society before they are accounted eligible to have access to loans.

At Cloud Cooperative, only members who have saved for six months consecutively can access up to double of their total savings as loan.

Our loan types include Personal loan, Business loan, Education loan, Agricultural loan and Emergency loan.

Our interest rates vary between 1.5% to 3% monthly depending on the type of loan. Click here to view our loans and their respective interest rates.

Our members are only required to provide a guarantor who is also a member of our cooperative society. To get a guarantor, you can refer your friends and family to join Cloud Cooperative. One of them could later stand in for you as a guarantor.

Are you a member of Cloud Cooperative yet? Click here to get started.

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