How to make Quick Savings


In this article, we will guide you on the following:

  1. What Quick Save means
  2. How to make quick savings on your dashboard
  3. How to monitor your transaction history

Many people would have thought that it would be difficult to find a cooperative society that also cultivates the savings habit of its members. Cloud Cooperative thought it wise to measure up people’s ambitions towards achieving their financial goals apart from their monthly contributions. Therefore, it was super easy to include the Quick Save section on members’ dashboards.

Saving with Cloud Cooperative

Cloud Cooperative is concerned about promoting features that would best serve its members and promote financial freedom in any kind of economy.

What does ‘Quick Save’ mean?

Quick Save simply means stacking some spare funds in your Cloud Cooperative account either daily, weekly or monthly . This feature helps members who collect wages and prefer to save a percentage of their earnings on their Cloud Cooperative account.

How to access Quick Save on your dashboard

If you are not yet registered, this process would require you to register first. After registration, you would be directed to your dashboard.

Click on Start Saving and you would be directed to the checkout point.

Another option is at the left side of the dashboard. When you login, click on the Quick Savings section and click on the Quick Save button.

Monitor your transaction

While on your dashboard, click on the Quick Savings section and check your transaction history.

Cloud Cooperative has made saving, accessing loan and making contribution very easy for members by making all these benefits available on the dashboard. For safety and security of funds, members can monitor all the records of their transactions.

To access your dashboard, you must have registered as a member of our cooperative society. Register now.

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