How to Register on Cloud Cooperative

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Cloud Cooperative is the easiest cooperative society to join!

Cooperative societies usually require members to be within an area for proximity. Nonetheless, registration on Cloud Cooperative is done online. Thus, members can have access to their dashboards regardless of their respective locations.

You can register on Cloud Cooperative in these simple steps:

First, visit our website and click on register,

Secondly, input your username, password and email address.

Then, check your email to confirm your email address. After email confirmation, you would be redirected to the Account Setup.

On completion of your registration, you would have access to your dashboard.

The video below is a complete guide on how to register.

Register on Cloud Cooperative today. Click here to get started!

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  1. I have enjoyed our office cooperative society,and I have retired from service
    Iam interested in joining the cloud cooperative society