A Historic Event was held in Cloud Cooperative that marked the beginning of a new era and launched cloud cooperative to Greater Heights

The FIRST Executive of the Cloud Cooperative Society was inaugurated into different offices on the 28th of April 2022 by the Governing Council.

This special event was held virtually as the Cloud Cooperative is a Digital Cooperative Society and we believe our activities can actualized digitally.

The candidates shortlisted are individuals of integrity who own Honorable and Dignified platforms in their different works of life and also leaders in their different fields.

Further to the careful interview process of the different candidates, the individuals listed below were shortlisted and were inaugurated into the different offices at the virtual event.
Those inaugurated are listed below;

Mr.Bamiro Babalola Oluwaseun, Founder/Chairman. He is the founder and group head of TheFastlane & Co, a man with different streaks of businesses across the Nation and a Multi-Award winning Entrepreneur.

Mr. Otunba Obey Akinjala (JP), Vice-Chairman. He is currently working with the Nigerian Agip Oil Company, Brass Terminal Bayelsa State. An ambitious man who loves to attain greater heights.

Oluwaseun Adefunke Adeniyi, Secretary.
She’s a woman of probity, passionate about the welfare of women, and engaged in different businesses which makes her a great Entrepreneur.

Bowale Abiodun, Financial Secretary.
He is currently serving in a high Finance position as an internal Auditor for Wema Bank.
A Businessman engaged in Livestock and Crop Farming as a result of his passion for Agriculture.

Atinuke Smith, Treasurer.
She is currently the CEO of Datina designs Fashion House and School. A lover of Fashion which made her an Award-winning Nigerian Based Fashion Designer.

These Pioneer Executives have been saddled with distinctive and principal responsibilities in Cloud Cooperative to enable a better workflow which involves;

Firstly, they will always act on behalf of the Governing Council on certain issues depending on the rate of emergency, also and provide Organizational direction for the Governing Council too.

Also, Executive Committee Members have many oversight duties. They are responsible for overseeing the daily implementation of policies of the Governing Council and making sure that the Governing Council is establishing and maintaining good Governance practices. Oversight duties also include overseeing Ad hoc Committees that work on policy development by making sure that they complete their objectives. Discussions of the Executive committee should be encapsulated in their minutes, which they should present to the Governing Council promptly.

Furthermore, Every Corporation has a designated chain of command. However, serious issues may reach the Governing Council. In these types of situations, the Executive Committee hears matters first and decides which issues stop there and which require moving up to the Governing Council.

Lastly to some degree, the Executive Committee also enhances communication between the Governing Council, committees, and other members of the cooperative society. Members of the Executive Committee are often the glue that facilitates cohesiveness by keeping everyone in the loop with alignment and Decision-making.
The governing council usually has lots of Agendas to handle.
The work of the Executive Committee helps to streamline many of the activities that the Governing Council needs to address, which makes work more efficient.

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