Invest in your future


There are many ways to spend the 24 hours of your day. You can choose to go to work, shop, sleep, eat and do home chores. How do you invest in your future?

Cloud Cooperative is often misunderstood as an investment platform but it is a cooperative society. In a cooperative society, members make monthly contributions and have annual dividends for their monthly contributions. Unlike banks, a cooperative society offers loans to members who have saved in the cooperative society for six months consecutively.

To access loans, you must have registered and saved for six months on Cloud Cooperative. After six months, you need to provide a guarantor who is also a member of the cooperative society.

There are four ways you can invest in your future using Cloud Cooperative.


Aside the primary duty of a cooperative member, which is to make monthly contributions, Cloud Cooperative has introduced the quick saving section in order to allow members save for future goals.


After saving for six months consecutively, you can have access to all loan types to carry out personal or business projects.

Annual Dividends

This is one of the rewards a Cloud Cooperative member stands to get. Annual dividend is the interesting part of making monthly contributions with us.

Referral Bonus

For every member that saves through your referral link, you get rewarded with 1,000 naira.

Hurry now and join Cloud Cooperative. Click here to register now.

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