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cloud cooperative dashboard

Before the Pre-launch of Cloud Cooperative, many people showed interest due to the solution this cooperative society is bringing to millions of Nigerians. We received many phone calls, WhatsApp direct messages and live chats on our website from the young and old.

What can you do on Cloud Cooperative?

Cloud Cooperative is a digital cooperative society; you must become a member in order to enjoy the benefits of this cooperative society.

Members can make monthly contributions, save and apply for loans. Loan accessibility is only granted to members who have saved or made monthly contributions consecutively for six months.

How does the dashboard look like?

For any action you want to take on your account, your dashboard is the platform to do so.

Take a look at what your dashboard looks like in the picture below:

Screenshot 35

After registration and confirmation of email, you would be redirected to your dashboard when you login. Through your dashboard, you can do the following:

  • Make Contributions
  • Save
  • Refer and Win
  • Monitor all transactions
  • Request for loan
  • Choose a loan guarantor
  • Accept or Decline a member’s request for loan guarantor
  • Track loan repayment and many more…

Are you still finding it hard to navigate through your dashboard? We have all the answers to your questions in the FAQ section, please go through it carefully. We accommodate questions should there be anymore questions. Please contact us via the details provided in the contact form for more enquiries.

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