There’s something better than just saving

The recent happenings have made people find it really hard to save because the world is evolving, so everyone wants to do other things than save, the big question is should I save? there is something better than just saving because most people have come to think that saving is just dropping your money in any financial platform and leaving it there till you need it is saving. That’s False. Saving is when you can achieve more by just keeping money in place over time.

You don’t just save but you also budget because when you budget you don’t regret saving because everything has been orchestrated accordingly and is being followed very well
Saving money is a necessity because in these times whereby you hope for the best but you expect the worst, it would be sad if a circumstance should meet you unprepared so you have to be ready for anything ahead of you so as to be on the safer side

Your savings can serve as collateral for you when you need to acquire a loan so you don’t need to go around when you need money to ensure the development of your business. In Cloud Cooperative which is the first digital cooperative society you save for a period and after a period you will get 200% of your savings as a loan with no collateral that’s great because when you don’t see a reason to save you remember that you have a prize ahead which is extra funds to ensure your business thrives, you will be intrigued to permanently save with a goal

The money you spend is the money you own, you should possess more money than you spend and savings is the best way to get you there. Your future will come sooner than you think so don’t just save but save with a goal early and prepare well for it.

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